Have a group event in mind that you need to go to and looking Minibus Hire.

Minibus Hire Sydney can supply a modern 25 seat mini buses. With competitive rates you don’t need to worry about how to get home or how to get to the next venue. Hire a minibus and professional driver for the day/night. Move from place to place around Sydney or your local area in our minibus hire without any worries at all. We can accommodate most itineraries and can help you organise your fun day/night.

Whether this is for a special day we will get you to the service / reception and back home comfortably and safely. We also offer a discount should you have previously used our services for your previous bookings.

When you make your booking it is locked in.

We make a promise and deliver on it.

We are user friendly, safe and most importantly reliable. Minibus Hire


Don’t think you want to stay in Sydney? We travel out of the metropolitan area in our minibus to such locations as Wollongong, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley. All this can be arranged simply by pre booking our minibus (for overnight stays advance bookings will be required).

A group of people looking to do something different for the day? Maybe have a few drinks and don’t want to drive? Perhaps you’re planning a day at the football, races, cricket etc.? PRE BOOK our minibus. We will pick you up at your door or meeting place, take you to the venue and pick up and take you home all in the comfort and safety of our minibus.

We also offer to take you from your house party to a club in the minibus hire. You can also organise for us to pick you up at the end of your night. All you need to do is to pre book, tell us what you want, sit back, relax and let our people drive you in our minibus. No police and no worries when you hire a minibus from minibus hire.

Just one call and we will take the weight out of waiting.

Call 0412 602 999

minibus hire

minibus hire