Wedding Bus Hire In Sydney

Let us take care of your Wedding Bus Hire In Sydney needs so you can enjoy your unique wedding by using our bus transport services. Call 0410 221 235 at

With your wedding day coming let our professional team help you with your Wedding Bus Hire In Sydney needs and just to know that we are there to simplify your day,  take the stress & worry out of your wedding transport and make sure that your guests arrives safely at their destination to enjoy your special day.

Our Wedding Bus Hire Sydney service comes at an affordable price, is very flexible and can cater for your last minute needs should plans change. We have a 24 passenger seat Mini Bus for Hire and weddings are a specialty


Wedding bus hire

“We take the stress out of the group transport issues on your wedding day”

When planning a wedding  as most of us know it can be a stressful times with all the organization needed plus confirming everything in the week of the event, so we can help with all decisions in regards to the mini bus hire and it makes one less item to deal with on your list.

At mini bus hire Sydney we can help with the wedding pick up, movement and journeys home for all guests plus all other invitees including members of the bridal party, relatives & parents etc. If the location is a park, church, open area, hall or other venue we can get you there and back safely.

Our 24 Passenger seat mini bus we can take care of your needs and transport worries for large groups of people, so  at least you can breathe easy knowing that the transport side of things is taken care of in friendly manner.

Our knowledgeable staff have the right experience in itinerary planning to help you finalise the transport service.

We have the right attitude to succeed and provide a successful wedding bus hire.

Wedding Bus

Once your wedding transfers have been booked in and confirmed you can relax.

When the booking is made we will send you a confirmation letter with the details on just to double check

Again in the week of the booking we will triple check again all details via text

On the day we will arrive before time as per booking instructions and provide the friendly reliable transport as per your wishes and booking in safety and comfort for your guests and assist with any other that we can help with.


Wedding Bus hire Sydney

Covers event areas such as

Wedding Bus Hire In Sydney

Wedding Bus Hire In Sydney

Wedding Bus Hire Sydney North

Wedding Bus Hire Sydney East

Wedding Bus Hire Sydney West

Wedding Bus Hire Sydney South West

Wedding Bus Hire Sydney South

Wedding Bus Hire Sydney Inner West

We can cover all wedding events, at all locations in these areas as we are based near Sydney City.

We also have the ability to cover all areas of Sydney so please book in early

For additional information call 0410 221 235 For the best Wedding Bus Hire In Sydney

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